About This Blog

Welcome to New Westchester Symphony Orchestra’s new blog!

How is this blog different from our website or Facebook page, you might ask?

Well, our website tells you all about who we arewhat we playwhere we rehearse and when perform. Did you catch the part that says we’re audition free and are open to new members of all ages and abilities?

Our Facebook page is more similar to this blog. That is, both are designed as a way for us to share interesting new information about the orchestra, current events, interesting videos and articles about music in general, etc. However, we know that not everyone is on Facebook, so we thought posting that same info on our blog would allow us to reach a wider audience.

Fair enough? Good! Subscribe to this blog to get notifications of new posts, and please leave your comments. Blogs can foster great conversation, and that’s just what we want – a way to foster conversation about the place of music and the arts in everyone’s lives.