NewWSO Members Making Music in Bryant Park, NYC

Berlioz in Bryant Park, June 21, 2014. Karsten Moran for the New York Times. NewWSO trumpet player Jack Binder is in the green baseball cap.

On Saturday, June 21, two NewWSO musicians participated in the 8th annual Make Music New York Festival, a celebration of outdoor music in all areas of New York City in celebration of the first day of summer.

NewWSO timpanist Jim Austrian and trumpet player Jack Binder took part in an outdoor wind band performance of Hector Berlioz’s Symphonie Funèbre et Triomphale in Bryant Park, in the heart of Manhattan. Over 200 woodwind and brass players, including 30 members of the West Point Band, performed this piece on a perfect, sunny first day of summer after a morning rehearsal. The New York Times published a piece on all the MMNY performances that day, including pictures of the Berlioz and other events.

For Jim Austrian, the event was definitely worth hauling his timpani from Westchester. Jim stated afterwards, “For me, this one of the great musical events of a long life.  Nearly
everything about it was joyous and fulfilling.” Jack Binder said, “Belioz was excellent.  There were easily 1000, maybe 2000 people in the park…The music was not particularly hard, the conductor was excellent, and everybody was into it.”

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