NewWSO Testimonial #2: A New Chapter

When we recently asked our musicians to describe the role of NewWSO in their lives, we were very touched and extremely humbled to discover that in many cases, playing in the orchestra marked a new chapter of excitement and expression. One of our cellists from Hastings was even inspired to write a poem following a recent rehearsal. Read on…

Six months after my husband died, a friend in NewWSO encouraged me to join. After not playing the cello for 25-plus years, I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to play in an orchestra again. I’ve come full circle now, blossoming into this chapter of my life making beautiful music with a community of musicians and sharing it in our performances to warmly appreciative audiences.

Our Wednesday night rehearsals are better than a visit to a spa or a superdose of vitamins. Ben’s full acceptance of where we are when we begin inspires us to improve despite ourselves and to gain in confidence. It’s gratifying to play a piece a year later that originally seemed impossible.

I wrote the following poem the morning after playing Benjamin Britten’s Simple Symphony for the first time. There are other “rapturous evenings,” most recently with Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.


A smile lingers on my face

Like a magic candle

I can’t blow out

After a rapturous evening

With Ben Britten.

Do you know him?

We begin our evening

With  “Boisterous Bouree,”

Laugh joyously through

“Playful Pizzicato,”

Harmonize in “Sentimental Saraband”

Dance to the “Frolicsome Finale.”

An hour with Ben Britten

And my fellow string players

Is better than eating a bag

Of hot buttered popcorn,

Butter dripping down my chin

And not caring and better than

The first sniff of the ocean

Before we see the beach

After a long hot ride to the coast

It’s better than je ne sais quoi.

The day after, I’m still smiling.

   -Janet M.

One thought on “NewWSO Testimonial #2: A New Chapter

  1. Carmen Forte

    Wow… Janet ‘s words got me. Really beautiful poem and testimony.
    This orchestra is amazing, people there love music so much… I’ve never seen something like that in any other place.


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