The Real Deal: A Message from Conductor Ben Niemczyk, from Lincoln Center

This past Saturday, NewWSO Conductor Ben Niemczyk and Executive Director/bassist Belinda Kan attended the free first concert of the 2013 Mostly Mozart Festival at Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center, NYC. Belinda waited in line for the free tickets starting at 7:45am. It was worth getting up early, because she was able to get great seating on stage, right behind the orchestra (conveniently for both of them, behind the basses and almost directly in front of Conductor Louis Langrée), when ticket distribution started at 10am.

The program was Mozart Symphony 40 and Beethoven Symphony 7. NewWSO, being the ambitious group that we are, plays movements from both works. From their seats Ben and Belinda could see that the Mostly Mozart orchestra musicians were playing from the same editions as NewWSO musicians. NewWSO is the real deal and plays the real deal, except without the auditions!

The Mostly Mozart orchestra performs Beethoven Symphony 5, another piece in the NewWSO repertoire, on Friday and Saturday, Aug 9 and 10. We highly recommend that you attend, and attempt to get stage seating tickets…if there are any left! Ben and Belinda will be there on Aug 10. Hearing Beethoven 5 performed live by a professional orchestra will be a great way to prepare for our performance of the first movement at our Fall Concert on October 20, 2013 in White Plains.

Here’s a post-concert video message from Ben:

One thought on “The Real Deal: A Message from Conductor Ben Niemczyk, from Lincoln Center

  1. Jonathan Katz

    Nice new blog. thanks for letting us know about the MM concert. I will be there on the 9th…to see the 5th . – JK


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